Motion Pictures is a leading worldwide production, distribution and brand management, focused on producing original projects and building brands with international appeal. Apart from holding one of the most diverse and large catalog of finest programs for Spain and Portugal, the company consist of some of the coolest Animation Series recently produced, complimented by a digital media arm which is investing is launching new youth-oriented distribution channels on new media platforms such as IPTV, Mobile and VOD.

Inside and outside, Motion Pictures  the company

After 30 years of experience in this field, we have built up a solid and trustworthy relationship with all the Iberian networks (Free and Pay TV).

We search for programming that best fits the Iberian market, taking care of each project´s specific management strategy and granting it the best exposure. We also control all its rights (Home Video, Mobile, Video on Demand, Publishing, Merchandising, Magazines, etc.) in order to grant the best commercial exploitation.
We take care of everything in witch we believe. If we acquire a program we believe in the program. Thanks to this philosophy we have been able to build a catalog of 2.500 half hours animation programs, 1.500 feature films and TV movies, 500 hours of live actions series and 500 hours of documentaries.

Motion Pictures productions - Telmo and Tula

Our production animated series, animation production

Our priority is to developing and produce the most interesting ideas and concepts which best fit the world-wide TV networks. We firmly believe that the idea is the key to success. This means we are open to financing, developing and/or produce ideas that combine originality and simplicity in the best way.
Because of this mentality, during the last years we have become the number one Spanish production company in terms of quantity of series and length of minutes produced, with a total of 9 animated series and almost 200 half hours episodes produced (combining 3D and 2D and always in HD) sold to main territories and TV networks worldwide.

Animated series produced in-house

Telmo y tula, dibujos educativos aprender recetas con niños, cocinar con niños

Telmo and Tula, Little cooks

Glumpers comedy cartoon show, filler, entertainment


Zumbers serie dibujos animados aprender numeros, learn numbers animated series


Van Dogh, dibujos animados bebes y niños pequeños, babies and toddlers cartoons

Van Dogh

Telmo y Tula manualidades, dibujos animados actividades niños, entertainment kids crafts

Telmo and Tula Arts & Crafts

Mice Builder, dibujos para niños y bebes, toddlers animation series

Mice Builders

Boom reds, dibujos infantiles preescolar, preschool animation show

Boom & Reds

green light dibujos infantiles educativos - educational cartoons for kids

Luz Verde

Alex, serie dibujos animados educativos, educational animated series


dibujos de Narigota es una gota de agua, raindrop of water adventures cartoons