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Cartoon Forum 2020: Motion Pictures bets on bringing the graphic novel ‘Agus and the Monsters’ to the small screen

August 31, 2020 | No Comments

Motion Pictures presents at Cartoon Forum 2020 its new animation project, the series ‘Agus y los Monstruos’, based on the collection of children’s books created by Jaume Copons and Liliana Fortuny.

The production company based in Barcelona has developed in what we have in 2020 a series of 2D animation of 52 chapters of 11 minutes aimed at the public between 6 and 11 years. The collection of twenty books of ‘Agus and the Monsters’ is a real phenomenon that was born in 2014 and now wants to make the leap to the small screen.

‘Agus and the Monsters’ is defined as an adventure comedy and stars Agus, a boy who lives with ten monsters ejected from a book by the evil Dr. Brot. Together with her friend Lidia, you will live all kinds of adventures as you face the doctor and his assistant.

In the story have place extraterrestrials and fantastic creatures, trips in time and space, interrelationship with other fictional characters… In short, everything is possible to talk about universal values such as solidarity, companionship, collaboration, diversity, empathy…

The main objective of Motion Pictures when adapting the collection of books is to maintain the essence of the characters and bring to the screen the magic of the books. For graphic design, the production company has counted on Insomne Estudi, who has already taken charge of ‘Mya Go’, another title in which Motion Pictures participates.

Thus, the production company already has a teaser and a trailer that will debut at Cartoon Forum in Toulouse in the week of September 14, as well as two full scripts. The unpredictable, the absurd and the surreal of graphic novels will have continuity on television and the chapters will include flashbacks, inserts, documents and chamber statements that break the fourth wall, a trend, the latter, in real-image series.

During the forum, the Motion Pictures team, including Tony Albert and Jorge Patiño, will present the project in search of partners, in order to build the funding and begin production of the series.


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