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THE TOURIST documentary will be Broadcast in Canal Viajar (Spain)

June 10, 2014 | No Comments

From June 17th We will enjoy the new adventure throughout the world, The Tourist documentary series, in Canal Viajar (Spain). New agreement between Motion Pictures distribution and FOX Spain.

The program has been produced and starred by César Sar, a canary journalist with over 16 years of experience working in television. Cesar decided to get the backpack to find the best stories throughout the world. 30 countries in 400 days, from the desert of Australia to Patagonia, through Turkey, India, Cambodia … The result is the travel documentary “The Tourist”, a dream, a year, a world.

Each week you will discover in Canal Viajar this documentary bringing more than 260 short stories. César will tell us his anecdotes in a simple and natural way hand held camera: Culture, food, transportation, nature, sports and urban tourism come together.
A documentary that shows an unconventional tourism: surfing and diving with sharks in South Africa, Harley Davidson convention in  Washington, cricket at  India, the experience of Ramadan in Turkey … A travel testimony on 34 episodes understanding and appreciating the true meaning of travel.


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