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Glumpers Best children’s animated series Award on El Chupete festival

July 13, 2015 | No Comments

The animated comedy about 6 crazy friends Glumpers has won the award of Best animated kids series on the XI Festival El Chupete.

El Chupete is a consolidated international festival of children’s communication, held in Madrid on 8 and 9 de Julio. The event supported by the most important kids and communication associations is annually celebrated to reward the best work and creative advertising campaigns ​​aimed at children.

“We are very pleased by the award received, it is a recognition of the work performed and the course of the series that continues growing up worldwide”
The series created in 2011 by Motion Pictures has been broadcasted in several worldwide TV channels: Nickelodeon, Italy RAI, TVE and TV3 in Spain, Latin America …
104 episodes of slapstick comedy style to entertain the younger members of the family..

In this 11th edition the festival also honored the Creative Jose Moro, creator of Telerin family and CLAN RTVE channel which received the special award for the best children’s brand of the year.

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