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Glumpers is an animated series with a universal conflict. Six close friends who live together in a house, and whose different personalities interacts continuously.

Their house, their home, becomes a kind of a nuclear reactor in which a very small interaction between the particles can cause a chain reaction of disastrous consequences.

The Glumpers do not look anything like a human, that’s true. But if we look closer we will see that their behaviors are very similar. Can homo sapiens come from the monkey? Why not then, the Glumpers?


TVC (Catalonia ) – RAI ( Italy) – NRK ( Norway) – MediaCorp (Singapore ) – My Toons – BBC ( UK ) – Jojo ( Turkia ) – Pop Oto ( Slovenia) – Global TV ( Indonesia) – Orlando Kids ( Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia , Slovenia, Macedonia , Montenegro and Serbia) – Pebbles TV ( Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) – Nelonen (Finland ) – TV Igle (Russia )


The target is UNISEX , is a license that appeals to both boys and girls on the same level, 50% boys and 50% girls.
– Main: are children of 8-12 years sharing the humor and fun of the Glumpers characters.
– Secondary: children from age +12 and adolescents, who see this license as a design icon.


The Glumpers brand has various applications in the new connected TVs and fun games available for phones and tablets , games for Facebook … You can find information and download links for all web applications The brand also has an official website, where fans and followers can find games, activities and content to download their favorite characters. Fans can also register on the portal of Glumpers and participate in contests and access exclusive content .

Glumpers have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube official accounts and channels. Through them, followers and fans are informed of the latest news of the license, and there are also interaction activities with its secondary target: +12 and adolescents.


The brand stands for the values ​​of Humor, Friendship, Comradeship, Fun, Imagination and Teamwork

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