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Winner of the 2010 Zapping Award’s to the Best Quality TV Animation Series. Green Light is an Educational TV series that explains the basic Traffic Safety Regulations in a way children can understand easily, with vivid example and entertaining adventures.


The target is UNISEX , is a license that appeals to both boys and girls on the same level, 50% boys and 50% girls.

Main: are children of 4-10 years sharing their interest into help parents on the road and learn about traffic safety regulations.

Secondary: children from age +12 and adolescents, who see this license as a design icon.


Green Light Traffic Safety animation series is available in some applications in the new connected TVs, accessible from phones, tablets and computers.

Green Light series has several YouTube official accounts and channels, available in different languages. Through them, followers and fans are informed of the latest news of the license, and there are also interaction activities with its secondary target: +12 and adolescents.


The brand stands for the values ​​of Education, Safety, Friendship, Fun and Teamwork.


  • Antena 3: Ponle Freno

The private Spanish TV channel Antena 3 presented an important tool to help with this challenge. Antena 3 launched “Luz verde” (“Green Light”), a 26 episodes, 3D animated TV series with a clear goal: to make children fit for traffic in an entertaining and innovative way, to inform them and thereby prevent terrible accidents. Antena 3 sees the series as part of its “Ponle Freno” campaign, launched at the beginning of 2008 as Spain’s biggest nationwide campaign on traffic safety to date. “Green Light” is the reference series in the Foundation “Ponle freno” in Antena 3 TV, to teach children road safety education.

  • DVD:

DGT (General Traffic Spanish Agency). From June 2009 “Green Light” has been used as teaching material in schools by the DGT to aware the kids about respecting the rules of the road. The Spanish schools showed the DVD ‘green light’ in chapters of 5 minutes. The objective always is to disseminate and report the perception of risk in a lively and fun way.

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