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Motion Pictures closes a deal with Nickelodeon for the broadcasting of the company’s latest production, Glumpers 104 x 2’

June 13, 2013 | No Comments
motion pictures deals with nickelodeon for glumpers

Motion Pictures, one of the most active Animation companies in the Spanish market, is pleased to announce the achievement of a deal with key-player kid’s content network Nickelodeon for the broadcasting of the company’s latest release, GLUMPERS (104 x 2’), for the territories of Spain, Portugal and South-Africa.

Tony Albert, CEO at Motion Pictures has stated “we are particularly proud of this deal with Nickelodeon. Up till now we had set a really solid relationship as distributors. However, being able to work with Nick with our self production for the first time fills us up with happiness. We are really proud that a network with its prestige counts with a 100% Spanish production”

Co-produced with TV3, GLUMPERS is a slapstick comedy show which narrates the misadventures of a gang of friends living together and whose extreme and conflicting personalities will never end up interacting. Their home so will become some kind of nuclear reactor in which the tiniest interaction can cause a chain reaction of disastrous consequences.

Glumpers can already be screened in more than 60 territories worldwide by the hand of many specialized kids channels such as RTL and Pebbles TV (Netherlands), Televisa (pan-LatAm), RAI (Italy), TVIgle (Russia), Orlando Kids (former Iugoslavia), MediaCorp (Singapore), Ocean New Media (USA), Pop Oto (Slovenija), M6 (France), NRK Super (Norway). CBBC- MyToons (UK), Global TV (Indonesia) or Jojo (Turkey) among many others.

The show counts with its own website, and its video screenings have achieved more than 3 million reproductions in its official YouTube channels. The Glumpers brand also counts with some Facebook games and as well as video & gaming apps for Iphone and Ipad have already been developed and created, available for both iOS and Android systems.

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