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Motion Pictures collaborates with fan3 foundation in TV channel for hospitalized children

April 16, 2013 | No Comments
Fundación Antena 3 - niños hospitalizados

We are very proud to collaborate to cheer children in hospitals with our cartoon shows. Motion Pictures has reached an agreement to give up part of their children’s programs to FAN3, the first children’s television network designed for kids and teenagers hospitalized. As one of foundation’s slogan says: the smile of children is also urgent!

FAN3 is the first TV channel especially designed for kids who are in hospitals, trying to make the stay the most bearable and normal as possible. FAN3 is currently broadcast on more than 12 autonomous communities of Spain and over 100 hospitals. It combines entertainment content such as cartoons, children’s programs… with educational programs that promote healthy habits and provide sanitary information.

Motion Pictures has given to broadcast several of his cartoons for the channel: Educational carton show for toddlers as “Boom & Reds” or “Zumbers”, and other series targeting over 5 years like “Telmo & Tula, Little Cooks”, “Martin Martin” or “Neverending Story”… Our series will join in programming to other cartoon classics as “Heidi”, “Los Hobbs” and “Érase una vez… el cuerpo humano”

Fan3 “Fundacion Antena 3”

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