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Motion Pictures’ MyaGo goes to Brazil

August 21, 2019 | No Comments

Brazilian preschool network Gloobinho has come onboard animated series Mya Go, which has also been pre-bought by multiple international broadcasters.

Gloobinho, the preschool channel of Globosat in Brazil, joins existing broadcast coproduction partners RTVE in Spain, TV3 Televisió de Catalunya and RTÉ in Ireland.

It is produced by Barcelona-based Motion Pictures alongside Irish content studio Piranha Bar with the support of Screen Ireland and the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

The show’s first 52×5’30” season is ready for delivery, while a second season (52×5’30”) is in production and expected in June.

Both seasons have been picked up by YLE in Finland, while SVT in Sweden, TVNZ in New Zealand and Hop! in Israel have each acquired the first season.

Mya Go’s first 26 episodes debuted on RTÉjr last July. A full-series premiere is scheduled on Club Super 3 on TV Catalunya and RTVE’s Clan later this year, with the international broadcast roll-out of the first season begins in March.

Sam Morrison (Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, Octonauts) serves as lead writer on Mya Go. The series tells the story of a young girl whose enthusiasm infects everyone around her.


“Mya Go is an incredibly sweet property, with a unique visual style, which encourages children to explore and be curious about the world around them. Its strong and courageous lead character also means the show offers an alternative heroine to the stereotypical ‘pink princess’ type of series,” said Jorge Patiño, exec producer at Motion Pictures.


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