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Piracy in Spain cause more than EUR 1.7 billion loss

March 16, 2015 | No Comments

A recent study on the use of digital content and piracy in Spain shows alarming reports for the audiovisual industries and the whole of Spanish society

According to the report released by the coalition of creators and content industries, the 87.94% of online content consumptiont was made illegally during 2014. It has caused more than 1.7 billion losses. The film industry has ceased to received more than 571 million,  while losses in the series industry amounted to 227 million.

The real extent of the problem of piracy not only affect the loss of content companies, the Spanish state has lost more than 340 million tax VAT. Besides this also affects the loss of job positions. According to the study, a scenario without piracy would create 29,000 direct jobs, what is the same, the employment in these sectors would increase 47%, a staggering figure given the high percentage of unemployment in Spain

Piracy is a problem that does not seem to have a  siple solution. Access to illegal content is too easy and there are not immediate consequences for those who illegally distribute contents or for citizen who consumes them. Despite the efforts being made to stop piracy, it has increased by 7% in the last year.

Perhaps society fails to understand the real problem of piracy, lack empathy to take the place of content creators. Nobody would do their work for free, no company can keep getting no benefits. Piracy help people who profits from the others work, stealing companies content and earning money with them. Consumers of piracy are complicit in it.

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