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Pumpkin Reports begins to conquer the world! International sales

September 17, 2015 | No Comments

Pumpkin Reports, our new animated series produced has been recently sold to broadcasters across the globe.

Pay TV Boing in France has been the latest broadcaster to acquire the series, having been previously sold to ETV in South Africa, MBC in Middle East, Gloob in Brazil, Talit in Israel, RTP in Portugal, etc.
The series premiered on RTP (Zig Zag) on September 14th and is due to be aired on Boing France for Holydays period by mid-October on prime time schedule, and it will be soon broadcasted in Clan TVE for Spanish territory.

The series is currently on production, having already delivered the first 26 episodes and finalizing the total 52 in November 2015.

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