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Pumpkin Reports best Kids TV series nomination in Pulcinella awards

April 08, 2015 | No Comments

We are pleased to announce that Pumpkin Reports, the new animated comedy of Motion Pictures, has been nominated as ‘Best animated series for children’ in Pulcinella awards from festival Cartoons on the Bay, an international festival dedicated to TV animation and cross-media which has been held in Italy  since 1996.

Pumpkin Reports is an animated series targeted to children from 6 years. A funny sitcom in which Max and his strange group of friends, the anti-alien command, try to save the earth from the Pumpkins invasion. The animated series is coming this summer and has already been sold to major international broadcasters as RTVE (Spain), RAI (Italy), Gloob (Brazil)…

The festival takes place from 16 to 18 April in Venice (Italy), with an extensive programme related with animation: Projections for children and schools, master classes, conferences and professional meetings … The ceremony of delivery of Pulcinella’s awards will be celebrated on the afternoon of Saturday 18 closing the festival.

The other series with which we share nomination for Best Children’s Series are: Get Ace (Australia) Boyster, THE OWL & CO, and Heidi 3D (France).
Fingers crossed!


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