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RTVE chooses ‘The Happy Farm’, from Motion Pictures, as one of the seven projects in the 2020 animation call

August 31, 2020 | No Comments
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‘The Happy Farm’, ‘Get along gang’, ‘Me, Elvis Riboldi’, ‘Bumpy the Bear’, ‘Billy Good Run’, ‘Annie and Carola’ and the renewal of ‘Momonsters’.

Six new series and a renewal to educate through entertainment and entertain by educating.

‘Clan’, RTVE’s children’s channel, has selected Motion Pictures’ ‘The Happy Farm’, as one of the seven animated series in the 2020 call.

RTVE has chosen quality entertainment with solid values for the little ones of the house, after studying the projects presented in this year’s call.

The annual call for animation is part of RTVE’s effort to support the Spanish audiovisual industry through the investment of 6% of its computerable income from the previous year. RTVE has valued original, competitive and innovative content with international projection, designed to educate through entertainment and entertain by educating.

‘The Happy Farm’ (Motion Pictures)

52 7-minute chapters. Target from 2 to 5 years.

Tubb and Summerson, the two bears who take care of the farm, work the land and take care of the animals and maintenance. The farm is a large and unique family where everyone respects and respects the simple standards of community living, cooperating, overcoming difficulties and solving problems.

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