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Students of Sant Ignasi senior 3D animation cycle visited Motion Pictures in Barcelona

October 24, 2014 | No Comments
Pumpkin Reports, animation series in production

This week we began the work with a nice visit: Students in the Senior Cycle 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments of the Jesuits of Sarria Sant Ignasi in Barcelona.

Pumpkin Reports animation series production in Motion PicturesThe students were able to observe firsthand, the pre-production, animation and post-production development work for the new 3D animated series of Motion Pictures, “Pumpkin Reports“, a sitcom long format (52×11′), for children between 6 and 10 years, co-produced by TVE and TV3 in Spain, with RAI and Sample audio producer in Italy, and Malaysia company Young Jump Animation, who takes over the bulk of the animation process.

Pumpkin Reports” narrates the misadventures of Max, an 11 year-old kid, who has been living the most ideal childhood as an only son and being the most popular kid at school. His life will totally collapse with the arrival of 2 new siblings, Teresa (11) and Goliath (3), at home. Max’s big problem though will come up when he discovers his new brother and sister are, in fact, to spy secret aliens disguised as kids in an advance mission to prepare the land for an invasion. This way, Max will have to save the world every episode, but nobody at friendly Cucurtown will thank him for that nor care since everybody loves so much Teresa and Goliath to think they’re aliens.

Is a funny cartoon series for kids, with lots of adventures, fantastic esthetics and with a strong international vocation.

  • pumpkin reports cartoon series production María José (Tutor of Senior Cycle 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments): “We are very grateful for the kindness and professionalism with which we have been received in Motion Pictures, was a very successful field visit for our students.
  • Pau (Audiovisual Area Director): “The next day in class, I was commenting on the details of the visit with the students, and they were all delighted and surprised with many processes that were explained to them. The valuation is very positive.

Developed over three years in Motion Pictures, “Pumpkin Reports” has on board American writers and has a budget of 4.8 million euros. Summer 2015 is the expected date to deliver the first full season.

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